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aslantic – Engineering Office Adem Aslan is your partner for issues of sustainable transport planning in alignment with human beings and the environment.



aslantic provides traffic engineering coupled with know-how transfer through training courses, seminars and workshops. The combination of theory and practice is our main focus. International experiences from the countries Germany, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Vietnam and Dubai (german, english, turkish) are incorporated in the services.

› Traffic Engineering


  • Manual counts and surveys
  • Use of digital media
  • Software applications


  • Junction planning
  • Evidence of capacity
  • Traffic signals
  • Simulations

Traffic Safety

  • Analysis of accidents
  • Visualization
  • Concepts

› Consulting

Sales structures and channels

  • Analysis of (sale) situation
  • Definition of (sale) targets
  • (Sale) strategies
  • Measure instruments and Controlling/li>

Complex Software

  • Distribution channels
  • Marketing
  • Training of customers


  • Classic methods
  • Social media acitivites

Business Development

  • Consideration of different sale strategies
  • Evaluation of market opportunities
  • Selection of Market penetration
  • Competitor analysis
  • Identification of cooperation potentials
  • Business model development

› Training

In general

  • Training courses are offered in the areas of simulation software, traffic planning and sale structures.
  • Training materials as well as planning and conducting of the training courses are included in the offers.
  • Training can be conducted in Germany or any other country of your choice (languages: German, English and Turkish).

Software Training

  • PTV Software (Vissim, Visa, Vistro, Viswalk, Safety)

Summer Schools

We live and promote a working environment with students. Special conditions for training courses shell enable students to gain experiences in the fields of transport planning. A plus is the exploration of new cultures.


Traffic management centers, public transport operators, lectures or visitation of traffic facilities:

  • All inclusive organization from one source
  • Support in the choice of organizations and institutions
  • Selection of the right experts
  • Planning of routes and accommodations
  • Final report in the local language


  • Planning Software
  • Transport Planning
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Communication

Your individual training package<

aslantic prepares and conducts individual training modules, tailored to your needs


In cooperation with „Göttlicher Lebensweg“ a wide range of communication training and analysis can be offered.

International Know-How-Transfer

Excursions (PDF)

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Adem Aslan studied at the Technical University of Darmstadt (Dipl. -Ing. Civil Engineering/Transportation). More than 10 years of professional experience in the fields of transport planning, simulation, sales and business development all over the world sum up his profile.

The office based in Aachen provides transportation planning in connection with know-how transfer through training, workshops and seminars. The combination of theory and practice is our main focus. Our services are available in the following languages: german, english and turkish.

The distribution of advanced software in the fields of transport planning involves many challenges. Handling of these challenges, understanding and managing the software complement our portfolio. National as well as international experiences in the fields of customer and project management complete it.

Adem Aslan


Traffic Engineering

Adem Aslan
(Dipl. -Ing. Civil Engineering / Transportation)

Erzbergerallee 65
52066 Aachen